Mercedes-Benz 1886 year, the first car from Charles Benz

The first-ever car (as well as the Daimler car), constructed in 1885 Charles Benz, the German inventor. On January, 29th, 1886 he took out the patent for the car, and on July, 3rd, 1886 on Ringshtrasse in Mannheim for the first time showed the car to general public. Benz managed to carry out old dream – to design and construct the first car. Benz’s car had three bicycle wheels. In movement it was resulted by means of the chain drive by the four-cycle gasoline engine located behind between wheels. The car has been patented in January, 1886, passed tests for roads, and in 1887 participated in the Parisian exhibition. Since 1888 Benz’s cars have been exposed on sale, but buyers were not. Position was rescued by Benz’s wife – Berta who and took earlier active part in work of the husband. As would tell now – made the advertising action. In August, 1888 Berta Benz together with sons of 15 and 13 years without the knowledge of Charles made on it a trip to the next city on distance of 106 km. On the way it was necessary to buy gasoline in drugstores (it was on sale there as cleaner), to replace the erased mouldings of a brake. Some times overcame liftings, pushing the car. On road people ran together crowds to take a look at such miracle. About this distant automobile race all Germany learn’t. And the press turned a close attention not only on travel, but also on Charles Benz’s car. From now on its way to glory and success also began.

Benz Patent Motorwagen 1886
Technical characteristics
On the car the one-cylinder internal combustion engine by a working volume of 954 cm ³ has been established. Real capacity of this car — 0,9 h.p. at 400 turns in a minute though in the patent for the invention 2/3 horse powers are specified at 250 turns. This engine had considerable weight (about 100 kg).Maximum speed is 13 kilometers per hour.

Proceeding from it we can understand that Mercedes-Benz is the most ancient mark on a planet.

1884 De Dion-Bouton – first car in the world

Four-seater De Dion – oldest of remained in working order the car, which engine was steam. Over creation of the car first a miracle the French company De Dion-Bouton et Trepardoux it worked was in 1884. The car got a nickname of “Marchionesses” – after a victory in one of the first an auto racing, passing in 1887. Is best it was possible to marquis to overcome a line in 31 km between the city of Neji and Paris, with a speed of 42 km at an o’clock.

De Dion 1884

The first creation of 1884 represented car on four huge wheels from bicycles-spiders. In front there was a steam copper with a high locomotive tube. From a steam-engine rotation was transferred to high wheels through usual belt drives. Steered wheels – small rear, and leaders, with a chain drive gear, – lobbies, large. Two 2-cylinder steam-engines united by general cylinder, developed total power of 5 h.p. at a working volume only 760 sm cubic this “midget car” with the 4-cylinder motor first, as a matter of fact, with a speed of 40 km/h.