Bentley Cars Ltd. – the English company specializing on manufacture of cars.

The founder of legendary aristocratic mark of the cars formed in 1919, Walter Owen Bentley, with 3-litre “four” developed the first car together with F.Bardzhesh and G.Varlee. In the autumn of the same year Walter Bentley showed the first-born on a showroom in London, but manufacture could adjust only after the lapse of two years. By the way, from the very beginning of Bentley aimed at manufacture of prestigious cars. The volume in three liters did the car inaccessible to ordinary motorists, and unique the then the warranty period in five years drew attention of men of means. The car bore a plain name – 3L that meant only presence of the 3-liter motor. Further the given designation became traditional. And only somewhere from the midpoint of the twentieth years in the name verbal designations, for example, Big Six began to appear.

Bentley, without burdening itself a design delicacy, gave particular attention to a question technical aspect. The main destination of the cars he saw in victories on a car racing. And really, seldom happened so that cars of mark of Bentley did not win sports meets. Application of engines of great volume allowed to “remove” from them considerable quantity of horsepowers. The model 4,5L with supercharger Roots placed before a radiator was one of such. This car was specially разработанна for the known racer and the industrial magnate G.Birkin. Those years the car became one of the most powerful and high-speed, and, despite the critical relation to it from Bentley, brought its companies still the big popularity.

In 1928-30 in small amounts model cars “6.5L” and its sports variant “Speed Six” prepare. For three years this car won races in Le Manet and three times in Bruklend twice.

Model release “8L” – the most expensive and prestigious company in a ruler – began in 1930

The beginning of the thirtieth years has been marked by loss of firm of Bentley of the independence. So, at firm Napier intermediary, Bentley was a part of other elite automobile company of Rolls-Royce. The new stage began with it in the history of firm which at all did not belittle the prestige earned earlier and position. Bentley. Called now SS Cars (that the silent sports car means). Became the indisputable leader among high quality British cars.

The first Bentley created in common with experts of Rolls-Royce – model 3.5L (1933). In 1936 there is a model 4.5L on the basis of Rolls-Royce 20/25НР and Rolls-Royce25/30 НР. Since 1933 it has been exhausted very similar seven on a design and design of models.

Gradually manufacture of cars of mark of Bentley began to move from Derby to the factory of Rolls-Royce which was in the city of Krju. And the created model first completely there became Mark-VI, started in manufacture in some months after the termination of II th world war. Base for this car became Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith. And since 1955 all models of Bentley were the uttermost copies of Rolls-Royce. Nevertheless, despite constructive similarity of both marks, between them was and there is hitherto a basic difference: Rolls-Royce is a representation car, and the place of its owner is behind. And Bentley – on the contrary, a car for people able and loving to drive the car.

To 1952 Bentley’s presented model Continental. It was sports two door car which got glory of the most high-speed serial sedan.

1955 – series S showed definitive technical rapprochement of marks. Bentley S1 became Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith copy.

In 1963 there is model S3. In 1965 beginning of release of model of Bentley T.

Release of models with a turbo-supercharging begins 70th are models Mulsanne Turbo and Turbo R, carrying Bentley trade mark. According to experts, Bentley Mulsanne Turbo became one of the best sedans in the world, even in comparison with Mercedes-Benz 600SEL.

The modern program of the company was formed about 20th years. In 1980 the presentation of model Mulsanne took place, in two years 300 strong variant with a turbo-supercharging, and still a year or two from now – simplified version Eight was issued. Other models were created on so-called “to the project 90”, with different bodies and some external differences from colleagues from Rolls-Royse – Turbo R and Brookland, only model Continental had no and has no analogues. The family of these expensive sporty coupes first of all is intended for young and ambitious millionaires whom sports cars of type of Ferrari seem too utilitarian and deprived of comfort. Nowadays exhausted Continental have three basic versions “R”, “T” and “SC”. The model “R” is cheaper in family (only 314 thousand dollars) and differs characteristic furnish, and also comfortable and in the same suspender perfectly adjusted on fast driving. The model “Т” has the base truncated on 100 mm, more sports suspender and a powerful cursor in 426 h.p. But most interesting of this “opera” version “SC” (Sedanca Coupe) with a rigid cleaned roof is. In a usual condition is the closed coupe, however, at desire the roof part over front seats automatically is cleaned. And the latest models for today are cabriolet Azure and certainly, the model of Bentley Arnage created on the basis of Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph.

In 1991 there is begun release of model of Bentley Continental-Azure. Later in 1996 after Continental R family of these cars filled up Continental T.

Manufacture of model of Bentley Azure began in 1996

In 1997 year the first display of model Turbo RT was public.

Shifts in the automobile world, reigning today, led to that Bentley Motors company was released from bonds of Rolls-Royce and in 1998 got under Volkswagen AG control.

For today one of the main accents in the production program is necessary on model Arnage (a premiere in April, 1998, Turin). It is equipped by the engine of BMW V8 (4,4) with two turbochargers Garrett and is issued in two base versions – Red Label (more sports variant, 400 h.p.) and Green Label (354 h.p.). Safety of passengers of this ultra-magnificent sedan two air cushions of safety, system ABS, traction-control, and the system blocking fuel delivery, разблокирующая provide doors and separating a steering tube in case of failure.

In a system and not growing old “classics” from Bentley – various variants of model Continental (March, 1991, Geneva) which magnificent quality of an inner trim (a skin from Conolli distinguishes, panels from rare breeds of a tree or the polished aluminum) and the thought over design of the chassis. The most powerful Continental T with the truncated base and 6,8-litre engine designed by Vickers develops 426 h.p. and by right it is considered one of the most high-speed coupes of the world – the maximum speed makes 273 km/h at a fully loaded mass of 2850 kg. As well as other models of Bentley 1998 of modelling year, Continental more sports, aggressive face found – now the car is completed light-alloy with disks and a radiator enclosure of the matrix form.

Design of soft leather top for cabriolet Azure developed and the Italian company Pininfarina exhausts. The premiere of a cabriolet from Bentley took place in the end of 2000 on a showroom in Birmingham.

2001 – Bentley EX Speed 8 debuts on the American continent on a showroom “Detroit-2001”.

In addition to all aforesaid it would be desirable to mention the model of Bentley S-2 belonging to the greatest musician of the twentieth century – to John Lennon. This car has been specially got by it for presentation in America of an album of group Beatles – Yellow Submarine. For full width of perception of a new album and attraction to it big audiences, specially ornamented the car under Lennon’s management, in unique psychodelic style, cast to it and other members of group, probably, after the fair use of marihuana. Speak, the previous owner has been so shocked, seeing transformation that for some minutes lost a speech power. Nevertheless, all these experiments made the car a unique exhibit of the history storing in a print of an epoch for a long time of left years.