Top 10 Most Expensive Classic Cars

We offer the overview of classic models which reached perfection thanks to the exterior and an interior, level of engineering thought, luxury and excellent technical characteristics. These are most expensive classic cars in history.

In the history of automotive industry there are legends. Their names – Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari. Many of these tremendous cars were released by limited circulation, many do not let out any more, but they after all are still here, so as classic American muscle cars. They are capable to plunge into amazement still that, despite the beauty, can gather some serious speed.

1. 1963 Ferraris 250 GTO – 52 million dollars

The most expensive model is Ferrari 250GTO which costs 52 million dollars. Besides, that the car several times took part in races and consists in Paul Pappalardo’s collection, it is not known. Possibly, it can look as in the photo.

2. 1936 Bugattis 57SC Atlantic – 40 million dollars

40 million dollars are the price for the most rare classical model which only 4 copies remained. One belongs to Ralph Lauren, another – to Peter Williamson. The car was bought by the anonymous buyer at the Gooding Classic Cars Auction auction in Santa Monica. Lord Philip de Rothschild in 1936 was the very first buyer. The car gathered the speed of 200 km/h. The model was strengthened 3,3 l of V8 by the engine with a turbocompressor 210bhp. Since 1971 it was in possession of the collector Peter Williamson who recovered initial color whereas the previous owners gave preference to red color.

3. 1957 Ferraris 250 Testa Rossa – 39,8 million dollars

On February 4, 2014 Testa Ross’s company publicly sold the Ferrari 250 car for 39,8 million dollars. The price corresponds to the car. As well as Ferrari 250LM this model – too the race car which took participation in many competitions, including The 24 Hours of Le Mans. Thanks to 3litrovomu to the engine with a power of 300 h.p. and with 8000 revolutions per minute (that really impresses in cars of the 50th years) Testa Rossa could win V12 in six races in the third world championship of sports cars for designers. Legendary Phil Hill was driving. The company of Ferrari so explained magic of races: “Not only races capture spirit, but also supervision over racing cars – the best that is in the world”.

4. Ferrari 250 GTO – 35 million dollars

Many people like Ferrari cars. This model same as well as others, but it green color! Pale green color the car was created for the racer Stirlinga Moss’s sulfur. He did not take part in race because of injuries that led to completion of his career in April, 1962 in Gudvuda. Craig Makkou paid 35 million dollars for a car, having bought it from the businessman of the Danish origin Eric Hiram. Before the car was in a collection of the Japanese collector Yokhikho Matsuda.

5. 1954-1955 Mercedes-Benz W196 R Silver Arrow – 31,6 million dollars

Silver Arrow Mercedes was sold at the British Bonhams auction in July, 2013 in private hands and is the single post-war copy of this model. W196 R successfully proved in due time on races in Reims, but the body did not equal hopes on races in Silverstone. For the solution of this problem engineers of the car put external wheel pairs on the W196 model.

6. 1962 Ferraris 250 GTO – 28,7 million dollars

By Ferrari of 1962 250 GTO it was sold in 2008 to the anonymous buyer. It is really tremendous car, but nevertheless the price which is laid out for it simply strikes. 28,7 million dollars! This one of models which was constructed according to requirements of the category FIA GT. In total 39 pieces were created. Perhaps, it is the most desired car. Simply because it is the Italian masterpiece of a sound and color!

7. 1964 Ferraris 250 LM – 14.3 million dollars

The model was called in honor of races of 1965 of LeMans which were won by Ferrari car. In rally racers of Jochen Rindt and Masten Gregory caused a stir. The car is developed in style of the 1960th years. The car is equipped with V12 – the engine which is placed in the middle, and a body with high aerodynamic qualities from Pinin Farina. All elements established on model 250 LM work for a victory in competitions. Uniqueness of the car also affected the price, all only 32 copies were let out.

8. Mercedes-Benz 540K Spezial Roadster – 11,77 million dollars

The car of 1936 also known under the name The von Krieger Special Roadster is a classical model which was sold at the Gooding and Company auction for amazing the sum of 11 770 000 dollars. For the first time it appeared in the market 76 years ago, as an example of one of the best representatives of Mercedes-Benz family. Among car advantages – a remarkable family tree, a unique origin and history rich with the Hollywood romanticism.

9. 1961 Ferraris 250 GT SWB California Spyder – 10,9 million dollars

The car was sold in 2008 at the annual RM Auction’s “Ferrari Leggenda e Passione” auction in Maranello, Italy, to the British owner of radio station Chris Evans. The model which else call “Cal Spyder” easier, quicker and looks much more magnificently, than model 250GT Carbolet. In the technical plan it has the same characteristics, as other Ferraris: tubular rubber, the body with the opened Scaglietti top from Pinin Farina, 3l the SOHC engine the V12 type, 280 h.p., the four-stage mechanical gearbox, the disks Borrani on spokes.

10. 1931 Duesenberg Model J Murphy – 10,34 million dollars

The car was bought in August, 2011 in the Mounter, California, the millionaire George Vittel, the resident of San Francisco. It was created by the designer Frank Heshi and let out at Murphy’s plant in Pasadena. The model was bought by such celebrities as Clark Gable, Jim Kagnam and members of royal family. Unfortunately, today the manufacturing company does not exist anymore, but thanks to her efforts there were 500 cars released in 1937.